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Novelist Russell Govan is regarded by readers and critics alike as a captivating storyteller whose novels span multiple genres. 
After enjoying a long and successful corporate career, Russell pursued his lifelong love of writing, studying creative writing under the tutelage of Dr John Ballam, director of the Diploma in Creative Writing at Oxford University. 
Encouraged by Dr Ballam to “get his writing out there”, Russell submitted an extract from an early draft of his most recent novel, I Know You, and was shortlisted for the 2019 Grindstone International Short Story Prize.

Russell’s first two novels, hard-hitting thrillers Bank on Nothing and The Best Laid Plans, were published by Sharpe Books in 2020 and 2021, respectively. The following year, Russell had a submission shortlisted in the prestigious Cranked Anvil Press Short Story Competition.
His third novel, the acclaimed lighthearted time-travel romance I Know You, saw Russell exploring new genres, and has ignited a passion for contemporary science fiction that he plans to explore further in a new series of novels based on a near-future world dominated by AI.
But while Russell refuses to be pinned down to any one genre, the strength and originality of his narratives, his three-dimensional characters, and his wry Scottish wit are always to be found within his works.

Books by Russell Govan

Russell Govan is the author of three novels to-date: Bank On Nothing, The Best Laid Plans, and his new lighthearted time-travel romance, I Know You.

'I Know You' is the latest book from author Russell Govan

“A superb storyteller whose writing never fails to astound and delight​”

Chris Riches - Daily Express

I Know You

Eilidh, bright, headstrong and feisty, gets sparkling exam results that confirm her university place. Her boyfriend reveals he has deceived her. In the ensuing argument she is knocked unconscious. She arrives in 1984, in an Ethiopian refugee camp, where she nurses a dying child, then a wounded aid worker before wakening back home in present-day Scotland. Three days later, at an isolated beauty spot trying to come to terms with her ex boyfriend’s betrayal and her experience in Ethiopia, she encounters Walter, who is in the early stages of dementia. He is there because of a tattoo on his wrist that simply states the date and location of the beauty spot. Eilidh recognizes Walter’s symptoms, takes him home and contacts his niece to come and collect him.

Over the following 48-hour period Eilidh finds herself transported to various locations in Europe and North America, and time periods from the previous fifty years. Each episode draws her further into an unexpected and unconventional romance. Eventually she travels to WW2 blitzed Liverpool and meets a fellow time-traveler who explains that Eilidh faces a decision with life and death consequences.

I know You by Russell Govan is available in paperback and eBook formats, online and from all good book retailers.

The Best Laid Plans

A Josh Gray Thriller

Undercover police officer Josh Gray, a former soldier, rescues a young woman, Amelia Harris, from assault by two men late at night. Days later Harris reappears as an old friend of a member of the terrorist cell that Gray has infiltrated. Will she blow his cover?

Her re-emergence is a further unwelcome complication in a fraught operation to investigate a terrorist group bent on detonating multiple explosive devices in densely packed public spaces. Gray’s instincts suggest that the threat might involve more than just the lone cell – headed by Ryan Watson, a charismatic ideologue whose frustration with conventional politics has driven him to embrace extremism.

The threat to national security grows, at the same time that Gray feels increasingly isolated in the operation.

When a practice attack by the cell against a soft target succeeds in causing significant damage, albeit at the cost of one of the terrorists lives, Gray realises that the quality of equipment provided means the cell is incredibly well funded, and that Watson’s disregard for human life extends to members of his own team.

As the operation reaches its climax, a sudden terrifying twist sees Gray involved in a race to neutralise a new threat, as Watson embarks on an unexpected mission to strike at the very heart of the British establishment.

The Best Laid Plans, a novel by author Russell Govan

The Best Laid Plans by Russell Govan is available in paperback and eBook formats, online and from all good book retailers.

“A well-research, well-crafted thriller… A new voice and protagonist in the genre.”

Thomas Waugh, author of Enough is Enough

Bank On Nothing, a thriller from author Russell Govan

“A gripping crime novel, simmering with suspense throughout.”

Thomas Waugh, author of Enough is Enough

Bank On Nothing

Jack Laidlaw’s life falls apart at the moment of his wife’s tragic death.

Amidst his grief, shared by his two young children, Jack becomes suspicious about his late wife when he finds a contact in her phone he does not recognise.

After having this investigated, and leading to a dead end, Jack slowly moves on with his life and focuses on his career at the bank.

Unexpectedly, Jack bumps into an old school friend – Ayesha Alfarsi. Despite Jack’s initial guilt, he begins to fall for her.

As their relationship develops, Jack imparts his suspicions about his wife and her passing. Ayesha’s support and kindness never waivers – is she too good to be true?

In a sudden twist of terrifying events, Jack is left questioning his new relationship and demands answers regarding his wife’s death.

Bank on Nothing by Russell Govan is available in paperback and eBook formats, online and from all good book retailers.


Read what the Press have to say about Russell Govan and his latest novel, lighthearted time-travel romance I Know You (published through Guernica World Editions).

I Know You cover

Perfectly crafted stories populated by unforgettable characters. Contemporary fiction doesn’t get better than this.

Richard Moriarty – The Sun

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A superb storyteller whose writing never fails to astound and delight​

Chris Riches – Daily Express

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A breathtakingly original romance that will make you laugh, cry, and gasp in surprise.

Romance novels are ten-a-penny but I Know You is so different and yet still so moving that it’s worth its weight in gold.

I Know You draws you in, and leaves you wanting more.

I Know You delivers a fresh take on time travel.

I Know You also featured in:

I Know You also featured in:

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